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Biography of Dr Chee Yew Wen


Dr Chee Yew Wen, born in April 1966, was raised in Florida, United States is a broadcast professional turned world traveller.

Dr Chee earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at California Institute of the Arts in Film and Video. While she was still pursuing her degree, she ran a small video production company and managed the film library of her university. She also took up a few side jobs and taught film studies at a local high school and worked in the filming video rental department.

She was awarded a complete scholarship to her graduate studies at the California Institute of the Arts and was actively participating in different activities and societies which include TV broadcasting, TV production, TV creative, video art and stage design. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film and Video.

Early Life

After graduating from California Institute of the Arts, Dr Chee spent 6 years flying around Japan, China, Europe and USA working as a freelance producer and director.

She directed and produced a weekly music program ‘Mubox’ for the UK, USA and Japan market and her first interactive kiosk video laserdisc for a museum in France. She was also involved in the production of music videos and live stage events for top British, Japanese and American recording artists.

In year 1988, she was the first to produce a digital format of an international F1 race project for worldwide distribution by Sony. She was also approached by top fashion designers like Issey Miyake and Comme Des Garcons to direct fashion shows and events held in Tokyo and Paris. Her video works has been recognized and she won top honors at the JVC and Ithica video awards.

After freelancing for 6 years, Dr Chee decided to move back to Florida and was asked to join WEDU Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in West Central Florida as On Air Promotions Director. As a director for WEDU, she revamped PBS’s on-air and cross-platform and redesigned the channel’s graphic break sections successfully.

She also managed live and pre-recorded studio, channel IDs, packaging and promotions for WEDU. She developed, directed and produced original children’s programme and increased revenue by more than 150% within one year she joined the company. Her contributions to the company has notably enhanced viewership and maximising profitability. In 1993, she was awarded the prestigious ‘National Public Broadcasting Station Development Award’.

In 1994, she left WEDU Public Broadcasting Service and moved to Rome, Italy to take on the role as a Production Manager in Circle Satellite Network. She was recruited by Circle Satellite Network to execute and launch a subscription-based digital network channel for the Europe and Middle East market. She handled the two most important channels of the network namely ‘Bayer News’ and ‘Music Now’ channels and hired, managed and trained the international studio teams from England, Middle East, United States and Italy.

She was responsible for all the original content, live location shoots, events and production for the channels. Under her charge, the channels ran on schedule with the set budget while producing a wide range of popular and original entertaining content that drove viewership and increased subscription revenue.

From International Broadcast Professional to Traveller

As an international broadcast professional, Dr Chee spent her early life moving and working across different countries. Her frequent travels for work sparked her interest to be a world traveller. After leaving her job at Circle Satellite Network, she also decided to pick up photography and embark on her journey as a world traveller and has since then called many places home.

Dr Chee love for learning a new culture, language and how people from other parts of the world live in inspired her greatly. Till date, she has travelled to over 50 countries and documented her journey on her website together with travel tips and ideas for great travel values.

Her first stop was Southeast Asia, starting with Thailand, and she made her way up to Laos through Vietnam and moved down to Malaysia and then Singapore. She spent the most of her early years in the United States and United Kingdom and her decision to travel to Southeast Asia was an eye-opening experience for her from food to accommodation, transportation and culture.

She experienced jungle trekking in Thailand and Malaysia due to the fact that Southeast Asia has a diverse wildlife and covered with amazing jungles, immersed herself in the culture of Cambodia’s most iconic temple, Angkor Wat, learnt diving in Indonesia and Philippines and experienced active volcanoes in Java.

As a former broad casting professional, she took on freelance projects while working as a world traveller. She was approached by BBC to be a consultant for their travel channel and broadcast projects in the United Kingdom, formatting and directing a travel production called ‘Food on Foot’ in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Start-Up Venture

After a few years of travelling and working abroad, she moved back to Florida and launched her start-up venture, Caminoventions.

After successfully seeking in long-term investors for her venture, she set up her company and operational practices to develop new and original solution driven products for the international retail electronic platforms. She was responsible for all budgets, profit and loss, overseeing all stages of product development, concept, design, manufacturing, marketing and retail strategy to make sure her product follow the standards she has set before delivering them to the retail platforms. Within one year of launching her business, she successfully launched her first product to the retail market.

Aside her start-up, she was sought after to be the consultant and creative director for a shopping channel based in Moscow, Russia. Her years of experience as a media and broadcasting professional trained her to be a strategic thinker who understands what challenges an international business will face in the traditional and new media broadcasting industry.

Her strong track record in the industry overseeing and successful delivery of many key projects around the world made her the most sought after broadcast professional internationally.

Dr Chee Yew Wen

Dr Chee Yew Wen following her graduation at California Institute of the Arts.

Dr Chee Travelling in Thailand

Dr Chee jungle trekking in a remote jungle in the heart of Thailand